20140310 – Quality Over Quantity

I’ve decided to halt the 365 Project. I’ve been too busy to dedicate enough time to make acceptable content on a daily basis. I’ll still update from time to time, hopefully with stuff that I enjoy creating rather than stuff I create because I need to. Here are a few pictures and gifs from my weekend at the Salton Sea for Casey’s bachelor party.

20140310 - Burning Casey



20140301 – Sabreena Wins, Casey Loses

20140228 – Flash Flood

By the time I had grabbed my food and headed back to my car, there was too much water rushing down the gutter for me to be able to jump across. I ended up entering through my passenger side and crawling across.

20140228 - Flash Flood

20140227 – Grey Skies

20140227 - Grey Skies

20140226 – Romanesco


20140225 – Silhouette


20140224 – Concert Speakers

20140224 - i can feel it in my plums

20140223 – Juice Box

Not the hedgehog.

20140223 - juice box

20140222 – The Bruery Silo

20140222 - the bruery silo

20140221 – Slanted

20140221 - slanted